Formerly the 8-bit future protege, Luke Hall has leveled up on his debut album Piece of Mind.

Taking a page from names like Pierce Fulton and more, Hall combines his love for alternative rock and dance based production for a masterful indie sound that has us on the edge of our seats. Combining his own vocal qualities with spoken word monologues, the message behind “Piece of Mind” grabs you and pulls you in for an emotional journey.

Tracks like “Leave a Trace” and “From the Ashes” are like that of Owl City meets Madeon giving you a little bounce and big smile, while songs like “Crpytid Girl” pull more house influence. Pulling at your heart strings, songs like “Deep Inside” and “Enter” have you lost deep in thought and a perfectly created atmosphere. “Piece of Mind” is the latest in cross-genre musicianship, blending old school songwriting with modern day electronic stylings for a completely new and refreshing sound that will have you ever more curious.

Check out the full LP below and watch out as Luke Hall continues to stun with his latest creations.