Flaviyake is a conceptual electropop artist who is originally from Moldova, having stopped in Russia and London before being shocked by the dating and aesthetic culture of Los Angeles. This culture shock was the inspiration for her newest album, Bad In Bed. 

“After reading many articles saying what women should not be texting or saying to a man I decided to write and album about the freedom of the expression of women’s feelings,” the artist said about her album, released in early June. The electro-driven album explores the complexities of love and the twisted expectations she observed being placed on women when she arrived in LA. This outsider’s perspective pairs well with the sort of detached, spacey feel of the music, as well as Flaviyake’s own aesthetic, which is decidedly different from the Hollywood ideal. Think Mila Jovovich’s character Leeloo in The Fifth Element.

Musically, Bad in Bed ranges in style from super-electro bubblegum pop like in the title track to the more pop end of dubstep and trap in “Alive” and “The World in Blur.” The structure of each song is definitely pop, and some tracks like “Love Is Blind” have 80s retro elements, so this is a good album for EDM fans who want something more pop-oriented with an ironic and interesting twist.

Overall, Bad In Bed is a fun, perky electropop album with a thoughtful message and it’s well-produced as well. Audiences may need to get past Flaviyake’s quite thick Moldovan accent at first, but it adds to the aesthetic of this artist being a confused observer to the human condition.

Bad In Bed is out now and available on Flaviyake’s Bandcamp page or on itunes.