For the 2nd release of his EP, Dead Critic unleashes a new dubstep track. In this track you start to feel the meaning of Dead Critic’s story. It’s heavy, dark and everything you would want to hear when listening to a dubstep song.

As Dead Critic himself says: “For the second release of the EP, I really wanted to encapsulate the meaning of ‘Dead Critic,’ and what is more fitting to a ghostly skeleton than playing laser tag with someone who has lasers go straight through them? Let’s have some fun with our friends, I thought. The sounds that I create reach your ears but exist only in the afterlife. For that, you can thank the producer who took my life from me. And his movie still sucks.”

The young producer is bringing some fire with this new track. Be sure to prepare yourself when listening to this, because you might need some water to cool down. The past two songs that Dead Critic released have showed us that his story is shortly coming together. The heavy intro will have to engaged from the beginning. It’s the afterburners that will get you committed. Somehow he finds a way to put it all together, leaving it very hard to say anything negative about it. We heard that he may have an EP in the works with Insomniac Records. Make sure you keep a look out.