If someone doesn’t explicitly give you permission to play out an unreleased track… don’t do it. It’s really not that hard.

Bassnectar collaborators ATLiens found themselves embroiled in some drama this weekend when they were called out by EPROM and Zeke Beats for playing out an unreleased collab called “Humanoid 2.0.”

At first, ATLiens responded with some pretty crass rebuttals, such as “You should probably check your Soundcloud [messages] better” and “Not our fault if somebody wants to start beef because we found a cool song on Soundcloud and decided to play it out and show support.” Both tweets have since been deleted. (You can see screenshots here.)

What got lost in the shuffle was that ATLiens initially hit up Zeke Beats for the track and never received a response, and EPROM flat out said no. So they decided to just… rip it from Soundcloud?

ATLiens refutes the claim that Eprom asked them not to play it, but the use of the word “specifically” in their response makes it look like they were trying to play with some sort of loophole.

The crux of the matter is this: ATLiens ripped an unreleased song from Soundcloud in a mix set, and won’t apologize to the creators of the track for the act.

The lesson to be learned is this: don’t play others’ unreleased tracks without explicit permission. Just because someone allegedly doesn’t “specifically” ask you not to play it, doesn’t mean they said “go ahead” either.

Hopefully “Humanoid 2.0” is out soon, because it seems like lots of people really love it. But we’ll respect the artists and wait for the official stream.


Image via ATLiens