Orlando stands united a year after the horrific terrorist attack / hate crime that took place at Pulse Nightclub

June, 12 2017 officially marks Orlando United Day, a day of love and kindness by The City of Orlando and Orange County Government, in collaboration with Pulse.

Additionally, people all over the country are remembering the 49 lives of the LGBTQ community that were taken too soon and many more injured after gunman Omar Mateen opened fire in the gay nightclub — a place that was supposed to be a safe haven for these individuals. It was an attack not only on them but the entire equality effort in our society.

The nightclub remains closed and there are plans to turn it into a memorial.

Here are 6 things you can do right now to Stop the Hate and #HonorThemWithAction via Human Rights Campaign, an organization also backed by GRiZ‘s new limited edition Pride merchandise line following his official “coming out” article.

Your acts of kindness and support — whether it’s a note to the families of those killed, a donation, getting involved, or simply rocking the colors — it all makes a difference! Join together to conquer hate with love!

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