8 months ago with the release of their Aylen collab “Designed 4 U”, Torro Torro spoke with NEST HQ, hinting about more upcoming collaborations. Of course the promise of Torro Torro and Grandtheft/Autoerotique was a wicked one, but I was particularly interested in how they might work with Smalltown DJs, who are almost exclusively known for their house beats. The time has finally come for us to get a glimpse of that killer collab.

“House Shake” released on Brillz’s Twonk imprint this last Friday, along with remixes from JVST SAY YES, Lil Texas and the bossman himself. Make sure your subwoofer is turned up to get some serious twerk action going. The bass is big enough that your booty will be bouncing even without any physical effort. You can check it out here.

We got a chance to catch up with Torro Torro and ask the boys a few questions.

Can you give us a bit of history about Torro Torro? How did you two meet?

We kicked things off in Toronto, seems like ages ago. But what a time to be alive (ha). The dance scene in Toronto was picking up a ton of momentum, based on the success of a number of electro, dubstep and house acts (in the late 2000s).  We had some solid experience producing and DJing, so we set out to define our own contribution to the movement.

Your music has evolved a lot since you first started. What’s the inspiration there, and where do you see Torro Torro headed?

We’ve always worked to be forward looking with our productions, never be satisfied doing the same thing over and over again. We’re inspired by our surroundings, new production techniques, and occasionally SoundCloud. TT is like a bull that’s hard to kill, it keeps raising its head. Those that know us, know that we drop releases pretty sporadically. Our method is to always stay producing and drop TT material when it comes naturally.

What lead to the collaboration with Smalltown DJs?

These guys are ‘legends’ and all around awesome dudes. They have been hugely supportive of TT and ton of electronic music acts over the years by booking acts at their clubs in Canada. They have a great sense of music and are quickly becoming amazing producers. We got together with them in LA on a mission to make a fire club record. This one really came together! Shout to our dawg Zyme from SF who laced the whisper voice for us.


How did you get involved with Twonk?

We’ve known Brillz and the Twonk team for a number of years now through shows and track releases. They’ve got a great vibe and are always pushing hot club music, House Shake was a perfect fit. We’re super thankful for the whole Twonk Team’s work on this release. House Shake was blessed with remixes from Brillz and My Bad, JVST SAY YES, Lil Texas and Rrotik.

Which remix is your favorite?

Honestly could not single one out, they are all massive. Each one has its own place.

Brillz and My Bad’s is that heavy Twonk you know and love from them. JYS laces us with a dope Bass House version. Lil Texas takes us straight to the club, in his tight Jersey version. And last but not least, definitely one we would play in a late night TT set, Rrotik goes dark and deep.

We’re super proud of this track and all of the remixes on the pack. These will keep you moving all summer long. Big thanks to everyone that’s sharing it! Be sure to hit up all of the talented people involved in this release. Grab the full release now on Twonk. -TT


Original article cite: http://enlightenmentforyourears.blogspot.com/2017/05/torro-torro-x-smalltown-djs-house-shake.html