Atlanta-based DJ and producer FVCKDIVMONDS recently dropped his debut two-track bass house EP, Give Em’ Hell on the MMXV Artist Collective.

Influenced by southern rap music a staple sound FVCKDIVMONDS grew up on in Atlanta and the classic 90’s rave sound, FVCKDIVMONDS Give Em’ Hell EP is a must listen to for bass house music aficionados.

Both tracks on FVCKDIVMONDS debut EP are sonically pleasing and intricately produced house music gems, absolutely no filler tracks. The rawness of both Give Em’ Hell & G.D.T will have the eldest people around you uncontrollably moving their feet to the rhythm when EP goes off.

Check out what FVCKDIVMONDS had to say about his debut EP below.

“My goal with this EP was to create something that fuses my love of real southern trap/U.K. grime music into my love of 4/4 house music to come up with something completely different, to step out of my comfort zone and to just make what truly felt right at the time.”

Keep your eyes out for FVCKDIVMONDS as the enigmatic house producer continues to redefine how electronic music is supposed to sound.

Stream FVCKDIVMONDS Give Em’ Hell EP below and make sure to snag the EP here!