Coming off his latest single “Tell The Girl”, which has already accumulated over half a million streams on Spotify, Australian producer Golden Vessel aka Max Byrne has just released a seductive mix of electronica and R&B on his latest tune “Shoulders.”

In collaboration with fellow Australians Elkkle & Mallrat, Golden Vessel breathes life to a sonically pleasing and intricately produced record while Elkkle & Mallrat lend their vocal aide making the single easily tread water among crossover appeal territory.

Check out what Golden Vessel had to say about working on his new tune! “Shoulders was built from this wonky synth recording that I had laying around. Most of it was out of key or a bit too weird, but there were a few little seconds of pure golden there that I really wanted to use, so I tried to build a track around that. I took that idea with me when I went to write with Elkkle at his parents property on Phillip Island for a couple of days. We quickly started writing the melody and lyrics together, and  then started forming the track.  I’d been working quite a lot with Mallrat (recording and producing for her) and I felt like her delivery would blend well with Elkkle’s. After she came back with her verse it all pulled together really nicely.”

Stream ‘Shoulders’ below and make sure to snag the track here!

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