EDC 2017 day 3 is nearly upon us, but before diving back in for the final day of EDM’s biggest American festival police have released day 2 reports.

Numbers are down significantly from day 1, which had 136,000 in attendance. On Saturday the event saw 135,000 in total attendance with 28 felony arrests, 305 medical calls and 77 ejected. 5 were transported to local hospitals and four DUI arrests were made as well.

Despite complaints of extremely heavy traffic on day 1, and a subsequent response from Insomniac ring-leader Pasquale Rotella (see below), it is also being reported that the flow of traffic to EDC on day 2 had eased slightly.

EDC Headliners, we hear you loud and clear on all issues related to traffic, shuttles, and Premiere Parking. This is not…

Posted by Pasquale Rotella on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Now it’s time for day 3 so strap on your seat belts and tune in to YourEDM.com for all your live stream and recap needs!

Photo via Jake West for Insomniac