On June 30, UK-based liquid producer Nuphlo will be releasing an EP of originals and remixes which is to be the first leading up to his full Digital Culture Clash album. This EP contains five original tracks and two remixes, making it almost long enough to be an album in itself. “Mountains” appears to be the lead track, as the EP is named after it.

For those U.S. liquid fans not up on Nuphlo, aside from making technically clean, snare-infused liquid, he also has a political bent to his music, or rather and apolotical bent. His aim with the upcoming Digital Culture Clash album, and indeed with much of his music, is to blend cultural lines by blending genres, styles, even entire cultural traditions of music to make tracks which transcend borders, ideologies and politics. This message is clear on “Mountains”, as Nuphlo blends his snare-heavy, highly western and, indeed, English, beat with the haunting, Middle Eastern-inspired vocals over top of it. The Middle Eastern feel was also crafted in part by Sukh Night, who also produced the beat on the original track and helped with the overall production. Since Western and Eastern beat structures are completely different, it’s quite difficult to match these two sounds up, but Nuphlo makes the track seem seamless and almost minimal and simple. On the production end, nothing could be further from the truth.

French producer Moresounds was clearly quite subtle in his changes when he remixed this deceptively simple track, adding an extra snare to the beat, a number of old school samples and and some amens, but the effect is a track which sounds like it’s been turned on its end. Even though it has a number of older samples and pieces, Moresounds’s remix somehow sounds more modern and slightly harder than the original as well. These two tracks are an interesting study of how small changes can make a world of difference in production and the finished product.

Mountains/Love You More EP will be released on June 30 on Studio Rockers. The EP can be pre-ordered by clicking here