Dillon Francis recently split from Colombia Records to become his own, independent artist — and he’s been having a “blast” doing it his way!

Fuse caught up with the DJ/producer at Firefly Music Festival 2017 to talk his work flow and upcoming projects as an “indie” artist on IDGAFOS:

“It’s just easier in terms of being able to release music when I want to. I don’t have to wait for any schedule or whatever their plan is or whatever they want to do. I’m kind of on my own terms in whatever video I want to make or however I want to promote it. To me it’s better, it’s way better because I already am so independent as an artist in terms of my social media, the way I make music.”

That, and he gets to work and collaborate however he wants… Using “Say Less” featuring G-Eazy as an example, Dillon explained while the production itself took about 5 – 7 days to finish the song, it actually took 2 years and 7 days to release it due to both artists’ crazy tour schedules.

But, he’s not shying away from high-profile collaborations, as he also revealed plans to make a song for pop legend JLo. After that, he hopes to work with more “emo people” like Brendon Urie and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low.

Watch the full interview below, detailing his hopeful collaborations and new album, which is heavily focused on his moombahton roots!

Source: Fuse | Photo via Rukes