The second release of his Zodiac Project, “Cancer” is sure to set Xan Griffin apart from the rest. Featuring the smooth vocals of Emilia Ali, “Cancer” is an expression of experiences that Griffin has had with people who have the Zodiac sign of Cancer. The follow up to “Gemini”, “Cancer” is a complete shift in direction for the young producer producer.

I based this song off the character of a cancer of course. It is a water sign meaning very into their feelings and intimate. This song is so much different from others I have made because it is a major mood change from raging synths and huge build-ups to an intimate sensual track that represents this water sign. The lyrics also portray the characteristic of the cancer of sometimes getting attached too quickly to a lover and getting many chances.”

Starting off with subtle instrumentation, Griffin sets the liquid vibes of this track as a melody comes in to demonstrate what a water sign sounds like. Ali’s voice quickly slithers in as the beats perfectly accentuate her vocals. The track is undoubdetly going to make its way into your baby-making playlists as it is very intimate and shows us a deeper side to the young producer.

Check out the tune below: