Here’s a new one: Monstercat, one of the hottest labels in bass music right now, are teaming up with one of the world’s most addictive video games, Rocket League. For those who don’t know what Rocket League is, it’s a soccer game played with vehicles instead of people. Developed by Psyonix in 2015, this game has been lauded as one of the most interesting and creative games to come out in the past few years, as it’s combined the carnage and culture of, say, GTA, with the sporty fun of football (soccer).

The full release on Monstercat is called Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 1, and it’s out now on Monstercat, of course. All the tracks on the album compilation will be part of the soundtrack for the newest release of Rocket League, and it features 18 game-and-sport-inspired tracks, including multiple drum and bass tunes, including “Outbreak” by Feint.

Feint is a Manchester-based producer who has already released a number of tracks on Monstercat, most notably “We Won’t Be Alone,” which has held some of the best retention on Monstercat’s YouTube channel. Feint’s style is techy and vocal at the same time, very much rooted in jump up but with pretty melodies and hard-hitting bass.

This style is reflected in “Outbreak,” with the addition of some key video game sounds. Feint collaborated with singer/songwriter MYLK on the track, and she’s credited with bringing a more pop (specifically J-pop) sensibility to “Outbreak”. The game-style synths sort of float over the deep, melodic jump up bassline and are sort of an 8-bit style; very high-pitched. Somehow the melody in MYLK’s vocals intertwines with these 8-bit synths in a way that they compliment rather than clash against each other. This is perhaps because of the melodic-sounding bass that sort of bubbles and roils under it all. Despite having a number of pop aspects, this bassline grounds the track and gives is soul.

“Outbreak” is quite clearly a track made for a video game, but because of its pop listenability and deep, emotive bassline, it could easily translate to the dancefloor or a podcast mix. “Outbreak” is out now on Monstercat and can be purchased or streamed by clicking here.