We broke the exclusive news that UZ was going public with his identity last week, and the bass world hasn’t stopped talking about it since. As the producer PLEZIER and the DJ TROUBL as well as his work under the UZ name, it makes so much sense now just how great his work has been in the trap scene.

Whilst the news is still getting plenty of attention, let’s not forget the release of his debut UZ album Layers, which has come out on his own label Quality Goods Records. There are twelve tracks that definitely need your attention if you’re into any form of bass/future/trap/hip hop, and a whole heap of super fresh collaborations.

We already know how wicked the singles ‘Storm’ and ‘Stockholm White’ are, but alternative bits like ‘Without You’ and ‘Gone’ ft. Kevin Flum really turn the tables and make us hit that repeat button over and over again.

Make sure you listen through this album from start to finish – you will not regret it. Get yourself a copy here.