Super Future has landed on the scene, bringing some freaky fresh future bass with just the right amount of edge to the party with his latest effort “Make It!”

The track starts up with full force as energetic, trapped out percussion sparks immediate interest. Without letting up for a moment, Super Future dives deep into intense, building bass that insists to go even deeper for the drop. Ugh, that drop…

If the bass doesn’t get you, the technical percussion and melodic sections that Super Future is all about definitely will. And, just like that, “Make It” has completely taken over and you’re hooked on the essence of his entire project: “Vibrance through sound.”

On stage he might be Super Future, support for Midwest festivals like Grid Life, UpNorth, Life in Color, and more, but as real life human Nick Rowland, he remembers the exact moment that inspired the vibe behind this track:

“I’ll never forget… it was at my first Electric Forest (2015). I was watching one of my favorites, Wave Racer, play a poppy, fun set and all of the sudden he dropped this completely unexpected, buzzing bass track that hit like a truck and instantly turned heads. I remember how it took over my whole body and I thought, ‘Damn, this guy just went from zero to a thousand in one drop!’ I knew one day, when I learned how the hell to do it, I would make something with that same kind of power.”

“Make It” definitely packs the power, a feeling best described by Super Future as not a word, but a sound instead: Just make it “BZZZZZZGGHHHHHZZZ!”

Listen, like “Make It” on SoundCloud, and download it for free here!



The Prisms EP expected 2017 is taking on inspirations from a lot of what can be observed through the experimenters of EDM. Super Future, heavily influenced by genre benders like Luca Lush, Graves, and Hex Cougar to name a few, is even more inspired by close peers within his own Samsara Family Collective based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While “Make It” serves as the heavy, bassy cornerstone — the rest of the EP promises to be uplifting and thought-provoking. Look out for it by linking up below!