Rather than the standard single premiere, we’ve got a double header for you today off the Riot Call (Remixes) EP from Dim Mak and Quix. The original “Riot Call” featuring Nevve was a brilliant mashup of future bass and trap, featuring one of the most unique drop sequences we’ve heard this year.

And perhaps where the original splits the difference between house and bass, AFK and BROHUG take it to the extremes. First up is BROHUG, who have quickly become one of my favorite producer duos. They take the original to the top with a jackin house interpretation, blending searing bass house synths with a pounding rhythm. Even more than that, the vocals still match the rhythm with 100% accuracy.

Next up we have the AFK remix, which hits on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. While this remix is a full minute shorter than the BROHUG remix, and even coming in at just barely over 2 minutes, it doesn’t waste any time getting to the meat of things. After the standard 45-55 seconds of dubstep build, the rest of the track is pure drop and mayhem. Replete with heavy growls and that classic kick snare, this one is easy to mix into and out of, making it a perfect DJ tool.

Both remixes are available now as part of the Riot Call (Remixes) package, out on Dim Mak. Download your copy here.