Drezo‘s Jaded EP takes a walk on the dark side, offering up unmistakable variety while pushing his productions straight to the edge… The three-track release features “Dead,” “Jaded” and “Real,” which will steal your soul, bring you back to life, and slay you all over again!

The leading track dives right in, with a persistent beat and deep, gushing, synth-heavy sound design that drives the dance floor and haunts your dreams at the same time. “Dead” is the type of production that plays during set and people describe it like, “I literally died.” RIP.

“Jaded” opens with some intangible chanting and builds into pressing questions like, “Are you ok?” and “What’s wrong with you?” Sinister sounds take over, as the beat leads the track into some seriously twisted, dark corners of dance music. But, despite the haunting nature it’s insanely enjoyable, just like the rest of the EP.

Rounding out the solid collection “Real” brings back the pounding dance floor beat, but then grinds it in even deeper. It’s not in your face — it doesn’t have to be — because Drezo masterfully delivers the closing song in low key, yet brilliant spirit.

After the three tracks play out, you’re left with a distinct impression of Drezo’s music, and instantly inclined to play it again. It’s the work of a true artist with a keen sense of delightful darkness… Check Jaded EP out below, and download here!

Drezo – Jaded EP

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Jul 22 | Hard Rock Live | Las Vegas, NV
Aug 05 | Hard Summer | Fontana, CA
Aug 13 | Bernie’s Beach Bar | Hampton, NH
Sep 01 | Elektricity | Pontiac, MI
Sep 02 | Electric Zoo | New York, NY
Sep 03 | Sun City | El Paso, TX

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