With the sudden rise of dance music in the main stream around the 2010-2012 era, a lot of DJs’ pasts have been forgotten. A lot of people don’t know that some DJs have been doing their thing for a decade, or two, or even three. Of course, you can’t really blame people that harshly when a few of the most popular genres only really came into being in the last decade or so: dubstep, trap, future bass, big room, etc. But for house and trance, their histories span decades back to the death of disco.

All of this is to say, your favorite DJ might have some secrets lurking beneath the surface.

Take TJR for example: your first thought of his sound and vibe probably correlates to bounce. What would you say if we told you that his roots were actually in acid house? Pretty surprising, right?

Well he just uploaded a 20 minute acid house mix to Facebook that is sure to surprise and amaze you.

Building on his passion for bounce, this new mix dives into the sound world of techno, marking the opening of a new creative lane and extension to TJR’s current known sound. In staying honest to his DJ roots, as well as upholding his reverence for true turntablism, his set at Even Further Festival will be performed on vinyl only. This upcoming “Acid Vinyl” set will surely capture audiences everywhere.

TJR plays August 18 at Even Further Festival in High Bridge, WI.

Even Furthur : 2017 (Acid Vinyl Teaser Mix)

Posted by TJR on Monday, July 17, 2017