It really doesn’t feel like it was that long ago when Duumu was virtually unknown in the realm of electronic music. Though the French producer had caused some stirring with entries into various remix competitions, his talents were largely unnoticed until Monstercat boldly released his Illuminate EP just earlier this year. In a mere three months, Duumu has rapidly become a sensation in the Monstercat community and one of the label’s most beloved newcomers.

Following a slew of independent releases (including the incredible “Pandora’s Cluster” that dropped just two weeks ago), Duumu is finally making his grand return to Monstercat with the release of his new single “What Feels Right.” This time, though, Duumu is not alone in his producing efforts. Making his Monstercat debut with this release is Mindsight, a German future bass producer whose wonky sound design and gritty mixing style is totally unparalleled in the genre (with maybe the exception of Flume himself).

Mindsight’s brand of future bass makes a clear comeback with “What Feels Right,” even with Duumu’s current style being more in the line of more acoustic-driven ambient music. Strangely enough, though, the producers have asked Monstercat not to tag the track “future bass” as they typically would have. In its place is simply “electronic,” perhaps to prevent the two from feeling boxed into a particular subgenre. While the track’s roots are clear, we ultimately respect the pair’s decision.

Future bass or not, you don’t want to miss out of this one. “What Feels Right” is as mind-boggling (yet still gorgeous) as the song’s artwork makes it out to be. Listen and download below:

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