The humblest of electronic music producers just got a deal with his favorite record label. Though Duumu may not be a household name, the aspiring producer has been making music on-the-low for years, with an ultimate goal of releasing on Monstercat. When the label announced their remix contest for NERVOTimmy Trumpet‘s “Anywhere You Go,” Duumu saw a golden opportunity and tried his hand at the song, resulting in the insanely gritty and experimental “Jolt” remix of the song. Though he was ultimately picked as an honorable mention for the contest, Duumu scored something much bigger: the attention of Monstercat.

In what seemed like a few short weeks later, Duumu announced he would be releasing his debut EP – Illuminate – through Monstercat. Though this came as a bit of a shock, we’re ultimately very happy with the result. Illuminate is unlike any release Monstercat has done before, with the EP’s major content being much more organic than electronic. Every song is uniquely soft and atmospheric, layering piano, xylophone, guitar and vocals down in perfect harmony. The percussion and synths are more scattered throughout the EP, but are therefore placed more intentionally than many other productions by big-name artists.

We don’t want to spoil too much for you, so we’ll let Illuminate speak for itself. All we’ll say for now is that we can’t wait for what Duumu has in store for us next!

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