The video gaming company Atari is making a comeback… as a snapback!

The Atari Speakerhat is a new listening experience that you can wear with style. Each cap comes equipped with high-fidelity stereo speakers built into the brim, and a microphone that connects instantly to any Bluetooth device. Users can sync with any smartphone, tablet, or computer to play music and media, answer or initiate phone calls, and more.

The Atari Speakerhat “feels natural and normal to wear for long periods of time, and achieves a balance of weight vs. sound quality and functionality.” Although the speakers look relatively discrete (and honestly, pretty cool), “the intent is to continuously improve on design and engineering, until the technology is completely invisible.”

The wearable speakers allow you to take your music anywhere, while still connecting with the world around you. Just think, this could be the next level music festival trend… Long walks from your campsite to the venue, or from stage to stage can now have a soundtrack! Plus, the “multiplayer mode” allows you to sync up music with your whole crew!

Get more info on Atari’s Speakerhat here and sign up to join the Beta program here!