Facebook Stories have gone public — a huge move in the social media game that could put an end to Snapchat‘s reign.

The difference between sharing Facebook Stories with friends only vs. everyone means a lot more eyes and engagement. In addition, the social media OG is reportedly luring public figures with large followings to make the switch from Snapchat to Facebook Stories. That means your favorite DJ/producers, internet celebrities, and other popular accounts might be updating through Facebook Stories soon.

What’s more — the engagement a user receives from publicly sharing Facebook Stories compared to sharing on the news feed is expected to be double.

Facebook, which just hit 2 billion users, seeks to “bring the world closer together” and going public with the Stories feature is certainly one way to do so… But, the f*cks given for Snapchat remain 0.

Make Your Facebook Stories Public

  1. Take a photo or video using the camera
  2. Tap 
  3. Tap Your Story
  4. Tap  next to Your Story
  5. Select Public, then tap Save
  6. Tap 

More info on Facebook | Source: International Business Times