The word ‘tastemaking’ gets thrown around a lot, but few have been dedicated to the craft like Lektrique has over the years. Otherwise known as Vincent Sergeant, Lektrique is one of the original members of the illustrious imprint Kannibalen Records. From his home in Belgium he has been changing the face of bass music not only with his own songs, but with his brainchild Kannibalen Radio.

Kannibalen Radio recently celebrated their 100th episode. From the very beginning, Lektrique has been at the helm, curating the show every two weeks with incredible artists. Not only does he manage to choose top quality talent, but much of the time those talents become some of the most sought after artists in the world. In the past, they’ve had acts like Kayzo, YOOKiE, Sullivan King and Bad Royale, all of whow were a part of Kannibalen Radio before they were picked up by top agents and playing some of the best US festivals.

With a keen ear for game-changing talent, Lektrique is a go-to source for one-of-a-kind bass music. He’s established his dynamic identity and hasn’t strayed from it, which has resulted in one of the most notable recurring dance music podcasts you can find on the web. With over 1.5 million streams and 125,000 downloads, Kannibalen Radio’s impact is undeniable. And still, it’s growing!

With playlists on Spotify and Apple Music on the upswing, mixes are tangentially growing alongside them. Downloads are down, but curated content is becoming king again. With Lektrique at the centerpoint of the growing Kannibalen Radio, there’s no limit to where the podcast can go.

One thing is for sure, Lektrique ‘s masterfully curated platform has helped to steer bass music in a great direction. Where he takes this platform is up to the Kannibalen Family, but don’t be surprised if you see Lektrique popping up on radio stations, or traveling in North America soon. It’s just about time for Kannibalen Radio to expand and take another step in a positive direction.


Photo via Samuel Zeller