Tragedy almost struck at weekend 1 of Tomorrowland when an attendee suffered a heart attack on the grounds in Boom, Belgium.

Lode Ruys (22), who was attending his first festival along with his girlfriend, was enjoying the festival until he fell ill and lost vital functions, according to a report. A nurse responded first, Tomorrowland’s safety team shortly followed, and then he was transported to a local hospital after receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Doctors have reportedly ruled out drug or alcohol intake as a factor, while initial testings and family records show an enlarged heart and a small heart valve could be to blame.

Girlfriend Shauni Leclère suspects something else… “I think the combination of fatigue and heat was the trigger,” she said.

Regardless of cause, the good news is he’s in stable condition after the scary incident and Tomorrowland provided excellent safety service when it was needed most.


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