Big festivals are great for premiering new music. You’ve got the crowd, the international attention, and the production to back it all up. For Cosmic Gate, who was playing at the Trance Energy stage this past weekend, we got a video from someone showing a new track of theirs.

Our video source is well in the know of Cosmic Gate music, and caught them dropping a previously unheard Materia: Chapter Two album track during their Tomorrowland set. We reached out to their management, who were understandably reluctant to give out too much info on the track, but we have it on good authority that it’s the new Arnej collab “No Strings Attached” – the close out track on their September-released LP. “No Strings” has something of a sparse techno-like cut to its intro, some super-long built up chords, which have a quirky little dynamic to them. Lots of buffer, stutter and delay in the drop and then some serious soar to its mainline!

Check out the video captured from their set below.