We really wish this was another “Rick Ross is teaming up with ________ for a sick collaboration” post, but unfortunately the rapper is making headlines for some disturbing comments he recently made about female rappers.

Honesty is usually the best policy, but when The Breakfast Club straight up asked why he hadn’t signed any women to his label Maybach Music Group (MMG), he should have kept his mouth shut.

“You know, I never did it because I always thought I would end up fucking the female rapper, fucking the business up. I’m so focused on the business. I gotta be honest with you! She looking good, I’m spending so much money on the photoshoots, I gotta fuck a couple of times.”

When asked about bringing up an underage protege type, he said he’d keep it in his pants. But, she’d have to “bring something new to the table that dope,” referencing Rihanna scenario.

Mindsets like this are what oppress women in the music industry, and it’s a damn shame. His music with Joyryde and Skrillex is dope, but c’mon man…

H/T: Stereogum