Let’s face it. If you’re at a sports event, wedding, concert, graduation ceremony, music festival or pretty much any event worth remembering, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up using Snapchat at some point during the festivities. For most people, concerts are that exact event. Traditionally, rave-related snaps have tended to be short, low quality, almost always cut off and generally unenjoyable for anybody else stumbling onto your Snap story…until now.

Snapchat’s revolutionary new ‘crowd surf’ feature is looking to change all of that by offering a seamless “snap” of any live musical performance. The feature takes into account a high frequency of snaps coming from the same musical performance and wraps them all up into one enjoyable concert video. It even manages to keep the song playing smoothly from start to finish as the video explores all of the different angles of the stage used by different Snapchatters in different parts of the crowd.

Wow. This full Snap video of Lorde, which came from her performance at Outside Lands Music Festival this weekend, stitches together about 15 different snaps ranging from the crowd to the pit making up a 47 second (relatively) seamless video.

Per TechCrunch, Snap Inc’s technology comes from in-house artificial intelligence machine technology which has yet to be ‘borrowed’ by Instagram for Instagram Live just yet. In addition, Crowd Surf will be rolled out through “public events in the future including concerts and speeches, but will require tons of people shooting and submitting Snaps from the same moment.” A game changer for music festival Snapchatting if you ask me.


H/T: TechCrunch