Anna Ross has been busy this past week. The original drum and bass mix of her single “First Day” released in late July, and since then she’s released the halftime remix of the single which was done by Duran Duran’s John Taylor and John Scott. She also released the video for said remix last week. All these were done in such rapid succession that the media could barely keep up with it. That video is below, but Your EDM’s purpose today is to premiere the video for the original mix of “First Day,” a beautiful and uplifting compliment to the song. Simon Lebon also co-wrote this original mix with Ross, so it’s safe to say that the pop group are heavily invested in this budding star.

In both mixes, Anna Ross’s incredible voice shines, and seems easily adapted to both drum and bass and halftime/dubstep. All these releases are making Ross’s upcoming album one of the most hotly anticipated of the year. In the meantime, all mixes of “First Day” are currently out onĀ iTunes or Spotify.