There are only two things sold at Burning Man: coffee and ice… But, it takes a good chunk of change to get you there and get you through it!

The entire experience is built around a concept of decommodification and independence, and attendees must carefully think through everything they’ll need to be self-sustaining. So how much money does one have to drop to successfully make it through the ultimate survive and thrive event in 2017?

Time Money figured it out down to the exact dollar, so festival goers know what to expect. The annual gathering goes down Aug 27 – September 4, and this is the estimate of what a 4-day trip to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert would cost, drugs and all.

The essential travel expenses include your Burning Man ticket and fees at $450, airfare to Reno and back averaging at $427, and an $80 vehicle pass. Food, Gatorade, ice, and gallons of water are obviously needed to fuel your trip to the desert. Plus, a couple packs of Coronas.

Survival supplies ranging from sunscreen, to earplugs, to duct tape, to hand sanitizer, and many other handy items in between, are also factored into the final figure. Camping gear including a tent and warm sleeping bag would be tough to live without.

Now onto the fun stuff… A used bike at $65, costumes up to $250, and $9 worth of glow sticks, it seems that Time Money has thought about everything you would possibly need at Burning Man. And, let’s not forget the allocated drug money — $50 for weed and $80 for LSD.

Total Burning Man 2017 Cost: $2,348

A lifetime’s worth of experiences, though, are priceless.

For more information on how to properly pack and prepare for Burning Man, check out the event’s FAQ page!


Source: Time Money