Earlier this month, Australian border authorities intercepted a shipment of MDMA in a package sent through the post, reportedly worth more than $2 million AUD, approximately $1.56 million USD, according to authorities. The package contained a block of the substance weighing 5.28 kilograms. (At normal market price, the worth would be closer to $700,000 USD.)

Yesterday, Serious and Organised Crime Investigation Branch officers arrested two men in connection with the shipment. The two men were charged trafficking a large commercial quantity of a controlled drug. The police have also stated that they’ve discovered multiple clandestine drug┬álaboratories around the Adelaide area where both men were from. In addition, the police also found close to $300K AUD in cash at one of the laboratories.

One of the suspects has been charged with money laundering and was refused bail and appeared in court today. The other has since been granted bail and expected to appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on September 11th.


H/T: Adelaide Now