The United States is forever changed by the horrific domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville, NC that shook our country just a week ago…

More than ever, musicians, producer/DJs and other public figures are using their platform to speak out against hate and deliver a message that’s bigger than any of us. While many are urging for peace or simply trying to cope with the devastation, others are venting and addressing the issue head on.

Bleep Bloop is one of the latter — he spoke out against Nazis this week in a series of furious tweets, which spiraled into an “all lives matter” discussion with a stern finger pointing straight at jersey club producer Trippy Turtle.

In a full statement below, however, Trippy Turtle claims his since deleted “all lives matter” tweet was one he did not approve nor condone.

Bleep Bloop collaborator Eprom jumped in on the conversation before sharing a meme targeting Ghastly and Jauz. “The problem isn’t about being genuine. It’s about being so privileged that you can’t see the problem,” he said.

Things are getting ugly on Twitter and we have a feeling it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

Bleep Bloop Calls Out Nazis

Bleep Bloop Calls Out Trippy Turtle

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