The guys behind the legendary drum and bass band Pendulum have opened up about their London show reunion, and after six years they “sound better than ever before!”

Next weekend, Pendulum headlines London’s South West Four Festival for their first live appearance in the capital city since the band’s triumphant return, which kicked off at Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2016. Fans can expect an on-the-fly live performance — because along with technology, the way Pendulum performs has evolved, too.

Frontman Rob Swire told NME: “We’re completely revamping the technical side of the show, which should mean audiences are going to hear us sound better than ever before. Technology has evolved to the point that I can make changes to the band mix from my hotel room, give it to our engineer on a USB stick, and then we can play a show using that exact same mix.”

In a less serious tone, he continued: “Apart from that, they can probably expect to hear some DnB with guitars and a pasty white dude singing over it. Gareth [McGrillen] bassist, is also using his newfound MC talents to let the crowd know whether they should put their hands up or down, which is very important.”

Swire added, if it were up to him the band probably wouldn’t have reunited. We have management to thank for that.

“But there was always a voice at the back of my mind that kept saying ‘you have to do it again at some point – it’ll be fun, stop being such a stubborn c**t’, and that’s probably why I said yes.”

Pendulum Returns to London

Live Granite.. Next week Zurich and London..

Posted by Pendulum on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Source: NME | Photo via Rukes