Skrillex is in the studio yet again — this time with a group of rising hip hop artists known as the KSR Group.

It seems nothing is off limits for the influential producer. Most recently, he’s put out his own collaborations with Vindata and Poo Bear, teamed up with DJ Sliink and Wale, produced a track for girl group Fifth Harmony, and that’s just scratching the surface on his big year in the studio.

“Straight vibes” the social post by rapper Josh X captions the moment, as a group of artists and Skrillex work together. “Not many times you get to be in the room filled with greatness.”

Shaft, J White, and DJ SwanQo are also tagged in the video, which boasts a booty bouncing beat and a hashtag that hints at a possible song title, #trappedinlove.

We can’t wait to hear what Skrillex is working on this time!

Skrillex in Studio with Josh X and KSR Group

Photo: Jas Davis