deadmau5 and his newlywed wifey are some kind of royalty, thanks to a new certificate dubbing them “Lord Joel Zimmerman & Lady Kelly Zimmerman” of Hougun Manor.

While it seems pretty prestigious, it’s actually a title anyone can achieve with a Lord & Lady title pack and £36.95, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. The fee not only gives the new couple bragging rights, a gold embossed certificate, and unique assignment numbers, but also “assigned dedicated land within the Hougun Manor Estate.”

le mau5 reportedly registered on behalf of the new couple and deadmau5 shared his excitement: “Yup. It’s legitimately official. I am a fucking lord. And grill is a lady.” does not transfer ownership of registered land, and instead assigns two square feet in charitable trust and/or personal land dedication, per Advertising Standards Authority Ltd / Committees of Advertising Practice Ltd. Furthermore, any titles achieved from the website is recognized and intend to be “a fun gift.”

All legalities aside — and whether or not these titles hold any weight — who really cares because the entire concept is epic. Congrats, Lord & Lady Zimmerman!

Lord Joel Zimmerman & Lady Kelly Zimmerman of Hougun Manor

Yup. It's legitimately official. I am a fucking lord. And grill is a lady.

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Photo via Matt Barnes