The newest episode of The Martin Garrix Show is now live on YouTube. For this season, new episodes will be released every Tuesday and will feature unique locations in Martin’s travels across the world.

Taking his status as one of the top DJs in the world, Martin Garrix isn’t just playing shows for cash. In the video, he visits a small community in Cape Town that takes care of children who are abandoned or abused. He spends time with them and even end up throwing a show for the children.

The testimonials from the house mothers and the children of the community truly demonstrate how much music can transcend borders, language, and even hardships.

Of course, Garrix is also a professional DJ and so he does play shows. The video also features his set at Ultra South Africa, which was also headlined by DJ Snake and David Guetta. The people of South Africa, who might rarely get to see artists at the level of Martin Garrix, responded with open arms and overflowing positivity.

The episode also very briefly touches on his tour with Justin Bieber in Australia.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the Martin Garrix show next Tuesday!


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