What if you could date someone and just cut to the chase — find out what kind of electronic music they’re into. Well, Mix’d dating service does just that by matching people together who like similar artists or plan on attending the same events.

If you’ve used Tinder, or any other dating app, this interface is simple and user-friendly. Find the person of your musical interest dreams by simply downloading Mix’d and following 4 easy steps.

Here’s how it works…

  1. You create a profile including your favorite artists and upcoming shows you are attending
  2. Mix’d shows you people in your area who like similar music or are attending similar events
  3. You match with other users if both of you “swipe right”
  4. Once you have matched with another user you can chat, invite them to shows, send them music and invite your friends into the chat for a group concert meetup!

This is next level dating for electronic music lovers. Download Mix’d via iTunes here.

Happy mixing! 😉