I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of house music, but I know something good when I hear it. “How Does It Feel” by DLMT and Ellis is damn good, and I’ll fight you if you say any different.

Forgetting the perfect vocals for a moment, the harmonics in this piece alone are enough to make my hair stand on end. The subtle play between the lead synth and bassline create such a unique and interesting play on tonality that you never really hear on anything else. It’s both bright and dark at the same time, as if the sonic embodiment of yin and yang. Maybe that’s a bit loquacious, I could sense it as soon as I typed it out, but the truest emotions are the ones felt in the moment, right?

“How Does It Feel” asks “how does it feel to let go?” and after listening to the track, I feel genuinely curious for the answer to that question. Check it out below.