For the last 3 years, Los Angeles based Kyle Tonoli & Linus AK of TELYKast have experienced massive success
while always striving to push themselves further each day. Their journey as musicians is not so dissimilar from others: they met at Icon Collective Production School in 2014 and paired together because, by coincidence, they’d both experienced career-ending sports injuries.

As with many electronic acts lately, TELYKast started developing their skills at blending live instruments with their production, and after a brainstorming session with Randy Jackson (yes, that Randy Jackson) they thought about expanding the group from a duo to a trio. The very next week, they met Trevor at a studio in LA and the connection was instantaneous.

The trio’s first song together was technically “You & I,” gaining over 15 million streams on Spotify and YouTube. However, this was only the start of their journey together.

The song “There For You” was written on one of those nights we stayed up till the sun was up finishing the lyrics out on the porch on a mini acoustic guitar and we envisioned it when we were writing it perfectly – soaring guitar solo on the last drop.

“There For You” follows the trajectory of other EDM-to-live artists like Mako and Pierce Fulton. Electronic and artificial elements are still recognizable, but with an embodiment of live performance. You can just feel that this song was made to be played live, with comparable emotion and intensity as the recording.

Check out “There For You” below!