So Complex posted about Waka Flocka’s latest Instagram Live session, and for the most part it’s rather uneventful. He speaks about how gangbangers who finally made it in the hip hop world don’t have to keep banging… they’ve got money and cred now, live a more wholesome life. Respect.

But one of the statements he makes is so odd and out of place that we just have to point it out: “Is it me or, goddamn, when a DJ or a producer get famous, they wanna drop an album,” Flocka asked. “Nigga, you’re not a rapper… you’re not an artist. Stick to your fucking profession, man. Fuck!”

Now, Complex makes a good point in that it’s hard to discern exactly who Flocka is talking about here.

“There are a number of producer-turnt-artists that he could be referring to, writes Complex, “from London on da Track and Mike Will Made-It to DJ Khaled and Metro Boomin.”

On the other hand, if he is speaking about EDM DJs and producers, he’s one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. He has collaborated with Steve Aoki, Flosstradamus, and Big Gigantic (all in consecutive years), and even came out on stage for Shaky Beats with Marshmello.

None of this directly relates to the concept of an “album,” but albums are composed of singles and it just doesn’t make much sense to address one without the other. And regardless of hip hop or EDM, an artist is an artist and likely responsible for at least part of Waka’s own success.

Hell, EDM DJs and producers were putting out albums before his career ever even started. If he’s telling them to stay in their own lane, he should learn to do the same himself.