Growing up in the snowy city of Sapporo, Japan, rising producer QRION has astounded with her blissful blend of melodic future that gives a chill and ambient vibe that is too infectious to not fall in love with. Showcasing her talent to spread her wings across the globe, QRION’s impeccable production has amassed her a loyal following internationally, leading to a sparked interest from fabled collective Moving Castle. Teaming with the producer for the release of her EP Just A Part of Life, the two are like a match made in heaven with Moving Castle’s iconic style and Qrion’s distinguished sound.

Coupling two amazing tracks together, Just A Part of Life features “Hush,” a beautiful ballad filled with nostalgic vibes and dance heavy melodies, as well as the much pop-heavier and uplifting track “T&C,” which combines intrinsic percussion with catchy synth lines that instantly catch your attention. When asked about Just A Part of Life, QRION had this to say:

“I wrote these songs in different places, in Vancouver when I had a show there, and in my home in San Francisco. Each song has so many memories, the views and people around me, and my feelings during those times. So these are my memorial, and they hold so much nostalgia. I really hope my songs become other people’s memorial also. Like when you listen to it, maybe you feel something. And a few months later, or longer, these songs will hopefully be a part of your life too.”

You can check out Just A Part of Life below, and don’t forget to follow QRION as she continues to turn heads around the world with her organic and original style!