The music world is still in shock over Taylor Swift‘s revenge-filled single “Look What You Made Me Do” — and leaving us little time to adjust to her new sound, she’s already hit us with another track from reputation!

…Ready For It?” packs in the bass for an extra heavy, electronic-inspired track that shows off Taylor’s lyrical capabilities. It’s another hit, that’s for sure, but it has everyone perplexed on once again, wondering which ex-boyfriend or current fling she’s talking about in the flirty song.

Some speculate its Calvin Harris, one of her most serious past suitors, and perhaps the dark electronic music elements are a deep dig into the dynamics of their relationship. Others think her most recent love, Joe Alwyn is the focus of the storyline, which seems to be a likely choice. Honestly, it could be any number of her other famous exes including Tom HiddlestonHarry Styles, Conor Kennedy, Joe JonasJake GyllenhaalJohn Mayer or Taylor Lautner.

Paint a picture through the lyrics of “…Ready For It?” however you’d like — Personally, I think Taylor is more generally singing about the rush of a new love, the urge to take a low key, tropical vacation far away from the press, and fall for someone hard, forgetting all the other loves of her past. Calvin and the others have all influenced her music and her reputation.

No matter which boyfriend it’s about, it’s worth a listen… So, let the games begin!

Taylor Swift – …Ready For It? (Audio)