Steve Aoki has made a name for himself as a world renowned DJ/producer, record executive, and also a fashion icon and designer!

Coveteur had the privilege of checking out the equally elaborate and wild “Aoki Playhouse” in Las Vegas, and speaking with him about his own designs:

“I have a design studio in the house [that’s] just dedicated to fashion and making one-off pieces for myself. I’ve got to road-test those pieces—make sure it looks right and feels right and it’s durable, then add it to a future collection.”

The trendsetter didn’t make it to where he is by simply wearing anything — but rather by rocking some of the most creative, daring lines and impactful brands of our age. So it’s no wonder that Aoki has collected some of the most limited statement pieces from designers over the years.

Most notably, the producer’s closet boasts the largest Jeremy Scott x Adidas collection known to man, with 70+ pairs of shoes (photos below), worth over $100,000:

“I’ve been working with Adidas for a long time, since like 2004, so my relationship with Adidas goes back so deep that I just continue to collect all their shoes. Every time a new season would drop, I would get the collaborations and all this stuff. I would have to give it to Adidas for kind of opening up my love for shoes because before then I wasn’t really collecting sneakers.”

From screen-printing in his parents’ garage to housing some of the most vibrant, enviable clothing designs ever made — not to mention the design of his sleek, futuristic pad — Aoki undoubtedly upholds his fashion-forward reputation in every way, shape, and form!

Check out some of the crazy looks from his collection and view the article in full here


Source: Coveteur | Photos via Jake Rosenberg