There was a time not too long ago when Abe Laguna – better known under the moniker Ookay – was most commonly known for being the EDM world’s biggest prankster, rather than for his original music. While the American-born producer still makes a fool of himself – and everyone else – from time to time, Ookay has evolved into a truly respectable musician over the last couple years, with him gaining worldwide acclaim thanks to the success of “Thief.”

Fame comes with hype for new music, and Ookay’s most anticipated single of 2017 is finally here. First teased on Tiësto‘s Club Life radio show back in March, “Lighthouse” has been played out at countless festivals – including TomorrowlandEDC and Lollapalooza – over the last few months, with fans waiting patiently for a release date. Thanks to a leaked version of the song getting a copyright block from Monstercat just a few weeks ago, fans pieced together that the song would be getting a release much sooner than later.

With the track finally out on all platforms, the question still remains of whether “Lighthouse” lives up to the hype… and well, in short, it does. A collaboration with multi-genre extraordinaire Fox Stevenson, “Lighthouse” finds a way to flip Ookay’s signature style of trap on its head by incorporating Stevenson’s crunchy basslines and cheery overtones, as well as his original vocals. We’re not gonna lie; the track is a little weird, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Coinciding with the release of “Lighthouse,” Ookay has also revealed the dates for his upcoming “WOW! COOL!” tour. Before the year is over, Ookay will be hitting 28 cities worldwide, (allegedly) accompanied by Fox Stevenson. The tour will also apparently feature a “new live performance” from Ookay. Whether this means Laguna is giving up DJing entirely for the tour or not is unclear, but we’re extremely excited regardless. A full list of tour dates and ticket links can be found here.

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