The ex-guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante, has demonstrated love for dance music as demonstrated with the Trickfinger EP and now we finally know the story behind it all via Resident Advisor

Some of his last memorable moments in the spotlight as a member of the iconic band were unfortunately taking place during a dark time in his life. Frusciante eventually left the band, which thankfully led to finding his new, musical stride working with classic dance music machines. While the analog-driven project has since found success and a well-deserved place with the genre we so love, the initial material he created wasn’t first made to be a heard by the masses — it was a project for himself, and to share amongst friends.

He recalls the time when he fully realized the imminent musical journey he was about to embark on. Frusciante, as he morphed into his new persona, had lost interest in traditional songwriting and was excited about finding new methods to make music projects.

“I saw what was happening in electronic music as actually progressing somewhere and actually moving forward, the same way I feel that musicianship did in the late ’60s and ’70s.”

“The acid stuff was the beginning of me learning to think in a completely different way.”

It’s funny, he kind of experienced the exact opposite mindset of how dance music artists might eventually crave for a real instrument…

“To express myself completely with no machines, just samples, had been a goal of mine for a while. In rock music, playing a traditional instrument, your mind says to do something and you command your hands to do it. But with sampling and with the old Roland machines, you can really have no idea where you’re going and no pre-conceived idea at all. I prefer that, but initially it’s pretty scary. I don’t even care about the result, I just do the work, and I’ve developed enough of a process where I can trust that. How things are going to end up isn’t a huge concern for me.”

Frusciante’s full interview with Resident Advisor is equally as addictive as the music he’s come up with through the Trickfinger vision. Read the full thing here, and listen to some of his stuff below in preparation for his next release, Trickfinger II out September 8!

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