There’s a whole lot of hype surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X announcements right now. For most people though, the $999 starting point might be a turnoff for most people waiting to upgrade their older models or grab an iPhone for the first time. For those in the latter category, Apple’s got you covered having just slashed the retail price for their iPhone SE by $50 dropping it down to $349 – the cheapest on the market.

The iPhone SE was first released March 31st, 2016 making it only a year and a half old – newer than all of the iPhone 6 models for reference. It boasts Apple’s smallest most compact 4-inch screen while coming in two capacities, 32 and 128 gigabytes. The former is currently retailing for $349 while the latter will set you back $449. Having come out just months before the iPhone 7 it also boasts the regular 3.5mm headphone jack which has since disappeared with the introduction of the 7. It also comes in three trendy colours – Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold plus the default Space Grey.

If you’re looking to pick one up or learn more about it head onto Apple’s website here.

As for those saving up for the iPhone X‘s release, Apple’s next-generation iPhone is currently slated for release on November 3rd so you’ve still got some time to save up!

H/T: Market Watch