Porter Robinson, one of the most beloved acts at Ultra China, sat down for an interview with China Radio International and the result was rather insightful…

The producer talked China’s progression of fashion and growing appreciation for EDM culture, and of course, his close relationship with Madeon and their entireĀ Shelter era. He also discussed the process of creating fantasy elements around his productions through animation.

Growing up a fan of Japanese anime, he explained how the “Shelter” animated music video / short film was a dream of his and how it all came about. Furthermore, how intensely video gaming (i.e. Dance Dance Revolution) and visuals in general have inspired him to connect with and write electronic music.

Porter’s background and how he and Madeon’s relationship blossomed is really fun to hear about… and his discussion about future music is just as enthralling. Watch below:

Porter Robinson at Ultra China

Porter & Madeon – Shelter Official Video

Photo via Rukes