K-pop group BTS have finally released their highly-anticipated collaboration with The Chainsmokers and both fanbases are going wild!

Both acts are insanely popular in their own right, easily making for one of the biggest collaborations of the year with “Best of Me.” While BTS has built up its following with catchy bilingual lyrics and an already hit-worthy sound, The Chainsmokers have found their own stride with their pop-driven productions and truly complement the group’s style. Really, it’s a perfect match.

Plus, there’s just enough EDM in there to keep the party going… Surprisingly enough, The Chainsmokers seem to return to their roots with a house-driven, 4 on the floor beat! Danceable synths, along with sentimental chords show off everything about The Chainsmokers’ flair people have come to love and recognize.

Verse-by-verse as BTS builds up the storyline, The Chainsmokers do the same through sound. The musical style of “Best Of Me” undoubtedly mimics the type of productions the electronic duo are known for. While we’d like to keep this a secret guilty pleasure of ours, we’re just going to shamelessly admit we’re into it!

BTS – Best of Me featuring The Chainsmokers


Photo via Rukes