The first time we ever featured Ouza was for a Zhu remix when he only had 165 followers on Soundcloud. He still only has close to 700 now, but his productions continue to show improvement by leaps and bounds.

His newest song “Dream Eater” is the first single off his forthcoming¬†Wandering EP, out next week. It’s been described to me as Kayzo meets The Glitch Mob, but it’s partly that and so much else. It certainly lives up to its track title as I feel it steals a little bit of my soul every time I start it over… but in a good way.

The bass and synths are one thing, but the subtle reverbed vocals in the background make for an incredible eerie and deep production that presents layers when only a heavy drop is needed. It shows that Ouza is interested in more than just getting you to headbang, but actually wants you to listen.

Listen to “Dream Eater” below and be on the lookout for¬†Wandering next week, September 25.