Heads up for those attending Imagine Festival in Georgia — DanceSafe has issued an alert warning against tablets that contain unknown substances.

The official announcement from DanceSafe states:

We are issuing an early alert for Imagine Music Festival attendees based on an anonymous tip from a member of the Imagine community. It has been brought to our attention that two different pills that were sold as MDMA were unidentifiable when tested by the community member.

The pills in question are easily identifiable — one tablet is said to be a round, light blue pill with a dolphin on it; and the other is described as a round, orange pill with a Louis Vuitton logo (LV). It’s unknown what these pills contain.

As DanceSafe‘s website reads: “Always test before you ingest.”

About DanceSafe

DanceSafe is a nonprofit that is dedicated to keeping the electronic music and nightlife communities safe. All proceeds from our drug checking kit sales go back into the organization so we can continue to offer free harm reduction services at events across the world. To support our mission and to keep yourself safe, purchase a drug checking kit here.


Photo via Imagine Festival