“Dreams” by ZHU and Nero is one of the most interesting collaborations of 2017, but although it sounds absolutely killer, it definitely didn’t come together as organically as it sounds.

Dan of Nero opened up about the making of the track in a revealing interview with Fabric London, which focuses on the legendary electronic trio’s recent work, touring, Alana’s pregnancy and more. He shared some background about their unexpected collaboration with ZHU:

“It kind of came from nowhere, his camp contacted our team about meeting up in LA. We wanted the first meeting to be solely about playing each other music to see if we shared any common ground. I ended up playing him an unreleased track we had written during the recording sessions for our second album. He was really into it and wanted the stems. I was still a little unsure about collaborating, especially on that particular track, as it was already fairly complete and the plan was to write something together from scratch. But I gave him the stems, and he ended up putting some parts on it that we weren’t that into.”

As for how the track came to be officially released, it’s a little bit shocking:

“We were actually going to pull the whole thing when he released a clip of it to the public without talking to us. We found out about it through Twitter. In the end we took off most of his parts and finished the track ourselves. Collaborations are always a little tricky, but without him getting involved we may never have released it so maybe it was for the best.”

While the collaboration came about in a weird way, it’s an absolute dream come true for both fan bases — and we’re so happy they released it. Listen to “Dreams” right here!

ZHU & NERO – Dreams


Source: Fabric London | Photo via Rukes